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DomainOrb makes it easy for you to locate and register the perfect domain name for your business. Use the form below form to start looking for it right away:
* $9.95 price valid for .com, .net, .org, .biz, .us, .info, .co.uk & .org.uk domains only.
Click here to check the pricing table for all other domain name extensions.
A new domain gets registered every 5 seconds! Things move fast on the 'net and your business name could be gone by now... that's why it's so important that you register your domain today, before someone else beats you to it!

DomainOrb helps you register domains quickly, easily and at rock-bottom prices. Plus with each domain registration you get access to an intuitive visual domain manager that is jam-packed with all sorts of useful features like:

Full DNS management:
- Complete control over all your DNS settings: MX, ADDRESS, CNAME
- Choose ours or select and use your own NameServers.
- Real-time DNS updates (Dynamic DNS)

Domain forwarding:
- Easily forward/redirect your domain name to any other existing website on the internet!
- Both full and "framed" redirections are available... you have total control.
- Create subdomains (anything.yourdomain.com) and point them to any existing URL.

E-mail forwarding:
- Instantly create an unlimited number of e-mail addresses on your domain and forward them to other e-mail addresses... no advertising is ever added to your messages!
- You can also create a catch-all (wildcard) e-mail address and forward it to yourself.

Domain locking:
- Protect your domain from hijacking and unauthorized transfers with this powerful lock!

Cell-Phone Messaging:
- Your visitors can send text messages to your cell telephone from the web or email!

- Easily let your visitors know where your business is located physically! Turn on this option and enter your street address... a map for it will be generated automatically for you!

Free ownership transfering:
- Did you sell your domain or want to give it away? This feature lets you change domain owners easily and safely using our unique domain push/pull technology!

Register/Renew domains:
- Registering a new domain or renewing the ones in your portfolio is no longer a complicated task. Just a few clicks of your mouse and you're ready to go without having to re-type all your information!

Private domain registrations:
- This powerful feature helps protect yourself from spammers and telemarketers by not showing your private information in "whois" records. (Additional fees apply).

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